Sometimes life gets in the way…

If you’ve been thinking about starting therapy, but scheduling constraints (job, home responsibilities, errands, caring for kids or parents) got in the way, teletherapy can eliminate your excuses.

Your negative thoughts may have sabotaged your consideration of therapy. “I don’t want to leave my comfort zone.” “I don’t want to run into anyone I might know in the waiting room.” “I don’t want to take two subways or sit in traffic.”

If any of these reasons sound familiar, teletherapy can be a great option for you!

Technology offers a solution!

There are many reasons to prefer meeting virtually rather than in-person including the elimination of commute times, traffic, and weather concerns; the increased feeling of psychological safety offered by being in your own space; and in times of pandemic, no concern about germs!

Other than the fact that we won’t be in the same room, the level of privacy and confidentiality are assured with the use of a HIPAA-compliant program – and all other aspects of therapy will be the same.

It’s simple to set up and navigate, and you can do a trial run before our appointment.

You must have a private space in your home or office where you won’t worry about being interrupted; it’s also important that you have strong, reliable Internet service.

You don’t need any technical expertise – I’ll send you a link for our first session, as well as more detailed information about how to get started.

Can teletherapy help you?

Some clients are not interested in teletherapy, and others whose emotional state does not lend itself to distance sessions.

However, if you think teletherapy might be a good option, we can have a free preliminary phone/video session to discuss whatever issue you’re hoping to address, as well as the potential use of teletherapy.

Don’t let the inconvenience of starting something new stand in your way of getting help!

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