How Therapy Can Help

Therapy helps in many ways.

Of course, everyone’s histories, personalities, and situations are unique; therefore, no “cookie-cutter” solution exists.

That’s why therapy is as much art as it is a science. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, but there are certain values that I do my best to bring into a session, along with my 20 years of experience as a clinician (and many more as a fellow human being) – and many years of education and training.

Our relationship involves empathy.

Numerous studies have shown that the techniques used in therapy matter far less than the relationship established in the room.

A key component of my work is to understand and respect your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and perspective. As part of our therapeutic relationship, I may challenge your views and invite you to examine your thoughts, behaviors, and patterns; but our work together will be guided by respect, esteem, and consideration.

It’s about gaining insight.

In addition to offering a safe and trusting relationship, the greatest gift therapy can offer is a new understanding of an old situation.

At its best, therapy can be like looking in a mirror. Sometimes, it’s more like a fun-house mirror than a flattering dressing room mirror, but we must learn to be honest with ourselves if real change is to occur.

Just like looking in a real mirror can help us see where we might have gone wrong in our dressing strategy, looking in a metaphorical mirror can help us see where we might have gone wrong in our life strategy.

Achieving dreams requires flexibility.

The idea of sitting with a stranger and telling them your most intimate secrets can be scary and overwhelming. I get it!

Every respectable therapist has been through at least a few rounds on the couch, and I continue to go periodically – if for no other reason than to remind myself of the bravery and trust required to pursue one’s path to peace.

It is my job to help you feel comfortable, and sometimes that means encouraging laughter – not at inappropriate times, of course!

Life is difficult and absurd. Being able to see the lighter side of things can relax our brains and our bodies enough to dig in and do the hard work required to go after our dreams.

Step up now!

It would be my wish to walk alongside you on your journey to your heart’s desire.

Please call me at (201) 776-4643 now to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward a more satisfying life.